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Lincoln C Concept

Lincoln C Concept

Lincoln C Concept

Lincoln C Concept

Lincoln C Concept interior
Make Lincoln
Model C Concept
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine 1.6 litre EcoBoost engine

The Lincoln C Concept is a design which tries to bring the presence and features of a large car into a more efficient package. Despite being smaller than Lincoln's other vehicles the C Concept uses several styling features common to the brand, most noticeable is the large grille and headlight units which dominate the front end.

The low shoulder line of the Lincoln C Concept has the effect of moving the perceived center of gravity lower down in the car. The aim was to mix "go kart" stability with elegant lines and surfaces.

Sleek side mirrors feature both advanced rearview camera and blind spot detection systems. Slit-like LED turn signals are integrated into the housings.

The Lincoln C lacks B-pillars or center posts. The center-opening doors allow easy access to the front and rear bench seats and give the vehicle a limousine-like feel.

The interior of the Lincoln C Concept features light and bright colors and tactile materials such as wood and metal. Ambient lighting, jewel-like chrome details, bench seating and a symmetrical instrument panel which serves both driver and passengers adds to the feeling of luxury. Light gray wood veneer – made from recycled wood – provides a striking contrast against the white leather on the instrument panel and door panels. The headliner is white Alcantara suede.

Chrysler's designers took advantage of the extra space in the interior of the Lincoln C by incorporating bench seating in the front and back rows. There is a single headrest on the left and a double headrest on the right for passengers in both rows. All the headrests automatically retract without occupants for improved driver vision. Convenience trays are housed compactly behind the front bench. In the closed position, they are flush with the leather and feature chrome release handles.

One of the most eye-catching elements of the seating is the laser-engraved floral etching on the passenger side seats and floor and on the back of the driver's seat. It is a light, airy pattern that is designed to give the interior a refined, sophisticated appearance.

Powering the Lincoln C Concept is a turbocharged 1.6 litre EcoBoost engine which develops 180 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque, while still offering 43 mph on the highway. To further increase fuel efficiency the Lincoln C is equipped with Assisted Direct Start. This system automatically shuts down the engine when the vehicle is at idle – at a stop light, for example – and automatically restarts the engine when the brake is released or accelerator pedal is pressed, improving fuel economy by saving idle fuel consumption.

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