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Magna Steyr mila ev

Magna Steyr mila ev

Magna Steyr mila ev interior
Make Magna Steyr
Model mila ev
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine electric motor and lithium-ion batteries

The Magna Steyr mila ev which was revealed at the 2009 Geneva motor show was the third concept to be unveiled by Magna Steyr. Previous concepts included the MILA and MILA roof system.

The Magna Steyr mila ev is an electric powered city car concept which has been designed from the ground up to accept a fully electric powertrain.

The platform on which the mila ev is based is a thoroughly developed concept which can be used for production-vehicle development immediately and thus for series production in the shortest of time – as a genuine electric vehicle or, thanks to the flexible design, with natural gas, fuel cells or hybrid drive.

The exterior styling of the mila ev has been designed to convey a sense of futuristic elegance. One of the more unusual styling elements of the concept is the connection which has been made between the headlight assembly and the side windows. The blue strip which runs along the doors and around the rear of the vehicle acts as a display panel to clearly show the level of power left in the batteries.

The Magna Steyr mila ev is driven by a 67 hp electric motor supplied by lithium-ion batteries developed by Magna Steyr. At an average charging time of 2.5 hours, ranges of up to 150 km (93 miles) can be achieved.

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Source: Magna Steyr

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