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MAN Concept S

Make MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
Model Concept S
Concept year 2010
Production year -
Engine diesel

The Concept S from German truck manufacturer MAN was a concept vehicle displayed at the 2010 IAA in Hanover. The IAA show is dedicated to all different types of commercial vehicles, both concept and production.

The MAN Concept S is a proposal for a truck which has a significantly more aerodynamic design than current flat-faced, cab-over-engine semitrailer tractors.

The slippery shape of the MAN Concept S is designed to help the vehicle, and its trailer, cut through the air and improve fuel economy. In fact, thanks to extensive wind tunnel testing, the MAN Concept S would use up to 25 percent less fuel than a conventional 40-ton truck/trailer using an identical engine.

Despite this significant improvement in fuel economy, the shape of the MAN Concept S is not that different to semitrailer tractors currently on the market. This means that to put something similar into production would not be that great a leap of the imagination.

Considering rising fuel prices - which are putting considerable pressure on haulage companies - a truck which uses 25 percent less diesel than its competitors would certainly be an attractive proposition.

Is the Concept S a glimpse of the future for commercial transport? Well, considering it comes from one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers it's a strong possibility.

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