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Maserati Tramontane concept car

Maserati Tramontane concept car

Maserati Tramontane concept car

Maserati Tramontane concept car

Maserati Tramontane concept car

Maserati Tramontane concept car
Make Maserati
Model Tramontane
Concept year 2010
Production year -
Engine -

The Maserati Tramontane is a concept vehicle designed by Ondrej Jirec. Jirec's previous work includes the Audi O concept from 2008. The Tramontane concept was developed by Jirec as part of his studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

The Tramontane was not conceived as a competition car, but instead an electric powered cruiser suited for scenic, winding roads.

In Jirec's own words the Maserati Tramontane is "a lightweight electric luxury supercar. Its design philosophy is simplification and emotion. The idea behind this concept is to reduce the number of body parts, lower the overall weight, and simplify the building process by combining exterior and interior elements."

Aside from the slippery, aerodynamic overall shape, the most eye-catching aspect of the concept's design is the number of components and body panels which flow from the interior to the exterior. These body parts have different functions, color, material and characteristics which are designed to add different dimensions and effect the overall feel of the vehicle.

The first layer is the main glass exterior surface that essentially envelops the entire car. It is supported by a black frame which attaches to the chassis.

The second layer is composed of the headlamps and the dashboard. This single piece carries the LED headlights and flows smoothly back into the interior where it protects the speakers and interior air vents.

The third layer of the Tramontane creates the lower sections of the seats and, as it reaches the exterior, also carries the taillights. This particular part possesses very high resistance to impact. In case of side impact the seat and chassis work together to protect the occupants. But in the event of a rear collision, this part contains a crumple zone that will collapse, so the seats remain protected.

The fourth layer, placed in the front, serves as a housing for the electric motor and also as a dashboard. This element is attached to the chassis and hides the motor, frame, and all the electronics.

The interior design is very clean and simple due to the fact that the Tramontane is an open car. The dashboard is dominated by a large gauge with a digital display. The interior structural pillars behind passenger seats take clues from the Maserati Birdcage and create a link to the Maserati history.

At 4,250mm (167 inches) in length the Maserati Tramontane is just 50mm (2 inches) shorter than the Lamborghini Gallardo. The 1,170mm (46 inches) height is almost identical to the Gallardo.

The proposed drivetrain for the concept is an all-electric setup. The front wheels are driven by one electric motor, while the rear wheels each get their own motor.

Source: Ondrej Jirec

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