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Michelin Challenge Design Hammerhead

Michelin Challenge Design Hammerhead

Michelin Challenge Design Hammerhead

Michelin Challenge Design Hammerhead interior

Michelin Challenge Design Hammerhead rear cargo area

Michelin Challenge Design Hammerhead dash
Make Michelin Challenge Design
Model Hammerhead
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine Biofuel V10

The concept features both a V10 and electric motors
The Hammerhead concept which was designed by Andre Costa (a graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon) was one of the finalists in the 2009 Michelin Challenge Design. For 2009 the brief was to create a vehicle which was "brave and bold" and could be America's next iconic vehicle.

The basic idea for the Hammerhead concept was to develop what could be the future American sports car, a car that combines "brute force" with new technologies.

The Hammerhead has an unusual and innovative drivetrain which features both a biofuel V10 engine and four electrical in-wheel motors. The V10 provides raw power for drag racing and performance driving, making it powerful - but somewhat environment friendly. The engine can be used in a two modes. One uses only four cylinders for cruising speed, and the other uses all ten cylinders for maximum power and performance.

The electric power can be used in urban areas and situations where huge amounts of power are unnecessary. When the internal combustion engine is used, it recharges the batteries that power the electric motors. During times where extreme performance is wanted a combination of the two front electric motors and the rear-drive V10 can be used - giving the car increased grip and better handling.

The Hammerhead concept features a number of interesting ideas throughout the design including magnetic suspension for a smoother ride and striking two-piece gull-wing doors. The car is made of recycled and recyclable materials (for example, the body panels are made in plastic, strengthened by a layer of carbon fibre). The wheels use a unique pad system: instead of changing the whole tire, you can change only the pad that is damaged, removing the need to travel with a spare tire. The concept also features a special paint that glows when agitated by a small electrical current, allowing the user to custom "paint" the car with unique details.

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