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Nissan Duad

Make Nissan
Model Duad
Concept year 1991
Production year -
Engine 1.0 litre 4-cylinder

The Nissan Duad concept which was unveiled in 1991 was a a vehicle which attempted to reinvent the Lotus 7.

It weighed a a mere 470 kgs (1035 lbs), and had an unusual layout which was dictated bay the engine position. The driver sat alongside the engine which meant that the sole passenger seat was located 38 cm (15 inches) further back.

The curvaceous yet simplistic exterior styling of the Duad was well ahead of its time, and with just a few revisions it would look pretty good today.

Powering the Nissan Duad concept was a little 1.0 litre 4-cylinder engine. However the low weight of the vehicle would have meant this unit was more than up to the job of providing a spirited drive.

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