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Oldsmobile Profile concept car

Oldsmobile Profile concept car

Oldsmobile Profile concept car rear view

Oldsmobile Profile concept car interior
Make Oldsmobile
Model Profile
Concept year 2000
Production year -
Engine 3.5 litre Supercharged V6

When the Oldsmobile Profile concept was trotted out at the Detroit Motor Show in 2000, little did it know that the entire brand would be extinct just 4 short years later. Even if the Profile concept had been greenlighted for production the day it went on show, it wouldn't have been enough time to get the car into Oldsmobile's showrooms.

It's a shame the Profile never got to strut its stuff either because it was a nice little package. If - and that's a big if - GM had put the time and money into the project to develop the car to its full potential it might have had some success.

On offer was a decent looking station wagon (estate car) backed up by an all-wheel-drive drivetrain. Done right it could have been great, practical and fun at the same time. Done wrong it would have been dreadful, dull and uninspiring - perfect for the family man who couldn't quite yet bring himself to buy a minivan.

The interior of the Oldsmobile Profile concept featured separate entertainment systems, video displays and headphone jacks for all the passengers.

Power for the Oldsmobile Profile came courtesy of a supercharged 3.5 litre V6 engine which produced 250 horsepower. Sadly the mundane 4-speed auto transmission would have undoubtedly sucked any joy out of the available power.

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