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Opel Insignia concept car

Opel Insignia concept car

Opel Insignia concept car
Make Opel
Model Insignia
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine 5.6 litre V8

The Opel Insignia from the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show was a luxury car concept of large proportions.

The quality feel starts with the outside and the front end. The impressive radiator grille milled from solid aluminium features the Opel badge and feeds air to a 344bhp V8 powering the rear wheel drive Insignia. The grille is framed by diamond shaped LED head lights, set out in three rows, and lower intakes each divided by a slit-like driving light.

The rounded cabin of the Insignia, lacking any B-pillars, flows smoothly into the rear panel which features a V-shaped centre line. The rear quarter panels display a prominent shoulder line emphasising power and the Insignia's rear wheel drive character.
The Insignias most striking features are its rear doors opening via a 'pantograph' mechanism, this allows the doors to slide backwards parallel to the body, improving accessibility in confined spaces, however there are no ugly rails needed on the exterior for the doors to side down.

Opel has designed the Insignia's interior with quality materials to give a luxurious expensive vibe. The colours and shapes are almost retro in appearance, especially the dark brown leather seats with their pincushion detail. The Insignias four separate seats are distinctly divided by a high, full length center console inlaid with Macassar ebony wood.

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