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Panarella PR5

Panarella PR5

Panarella PR5
Make Panarella
Model PR5
Concept year 2009
Production year Fictional 2020
Engine twin electric motors

The Panarella PR5 concept is a creation of Italian designer Davide Panarella (see also Audi QxP).

The PR5 is a futuristic city car concept designed for a fictional 2020 urban environment. The PR5 concept anticipates cities and highways of the future will be fully equipped to handle the needs of vehicles powered solely by electricity, therefore the concept has been designed to be driven by a pair of electric motors housed at the base of the large rear wheels. This drivetrain would offer a top speed of 90 mph (145 km/h) - not that fast but then this car is all about economical city driving, not motorway cruising.

The unusual styling of the Panarella PR5 was influenced by insects, partially because of the their ability to adapt to a wide variety of different locations, but mainly by their protective, cocoon like shape.

The interior of the PR5 has been designed to accommodate two people.

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