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Peugeot e-doll concept car

Peugeot e-doll concept car

Peugeot e-doll concept car
Make Peugeot
Model e-doll
Concept year 2001
Production year -
Engine electric motor

In 2001 Peugeot developed a series of quirky, rather ridiculous concepts called the 'city toyz'. The e-doll was one such concept.

The e-doll was designed to act like some sort of mobility scooter, but with a design which might appeal to the younger generation. But in actual fact the finished vehicle was a bit very tacky, and it's difficult to imagine any self respecting teenager driving this thing around town willingly.

The e-doll had room for three, with the driver sitting in the center. Control of the e-doll was through a motorcycle-like handlebar instead of a steering wheel.

At the rear of the e-doll was a detachable transparent shopping cart. To draw attention to this feature Peugeot decided to fill it with hundreds of multicolored plastic balls.

Power for the Peugeot e-doll came from a couple of electric motors.

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