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Renault Next

Renault Next

Renault Next
Make Renault
Model Next
Concept year 1996
Production year -
Engine petrol / electric hybrid

The Renault Next concept from 1996 wasn't much to look at. But underneath the uninspiring bodywork was an advanced hybrid drivetrain which was a surprisingly accurate taste of what was - and is - to come from mainstream manufacturers.

The lightweight carbon fiber bodywork of the Next was built around an aluminium space frame chassis. Overall weight for the car was just 1074 kgs (2368 lbs).

The hybrid drivetrain of the Renault Next was the car's most interesting feature. It consisted of a small displacement 750cc (0.75 litre), three cylinder engine and two 21 horsepower electric motors - one for each rear wheel. The engine drove the front wheels through a 5-speed gearbox meaning the Next was essentially AWD. A clever computer system was used to regulate power delivery and switch between petrol power, electric power, or a combination of both.

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