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Rinspeed Splash concept

Rinspeed Splash concept

Rinspeed Splash amphibious concept car underwater view
Make Rinspeed
Model Splash
Concept year 2004
Production year -
Engine 750 cc Natural gas fueled

Swiss design company Rinspeed, makers of the Rinspeed Splash have created a true sports car which transforms into a hydrofoil speed boat capable of a very respectable 50 mph on water.

Because Rinspeed does not have the funding of large manufacturers the Splash's styling has suffered, although this is partly due to the compromises necessary for the amphibious characteristics of the car, such as a narrow front end.

Transformation to a speed boat involves deploying a propeller at the rear, the large rear spoiler rolls under the car becoming the rear hydrofoil, and two hydrofoils integrated into the left and right sides of the splash swing down to form the front hydrofoils.
Naturally Rinspeed has constructed the Splash's interior from waterproof materials.

Powering the Splash is a 750 cc engine from a snowmobile which has been adapted to run on natural gas. When driving the car on water it requires a delicate hand to balance the throttle and the hydrofoil angle to maintain speed and stability.

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