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RX00047 concept car

RX00047 concept car

RX00047 concept car

RX00047 concept car
Make -
Model RX00047
Concept year 2010
Production year -
Engine hydrogen fuel cell

The styling of the RX00047 was inspired by racing cars of the 1930s
Some independently designed concept cars nicely lend themselves to certain manufacturers. Others - like this one from the Ukrainian designer Islyamov Patel - are so unique and wild that they are difficult to attribute to a certain auto maker. That's why he just gave it the cryptic and alphanumeric title of 'RX00047'.

The RX00047 is a eye-catching futuristic single-seat sports car which was inspired by the open-wheel configuration of racing cars from the 1930s, and also supposedly the "Eliminator" album by ZZ Top - although quite where this second influence has had an effect is difficult to pin down.

It would also appear that the design, or at the very least the paintwork, of the RX00047 is somewhat inspired by WWII aircraft. The chrome finish, coupled with the various oversized intakes and power bulges make the vehicle look a bit like a classic fighter aircraft with the wings and tail chopped off.

From pretty much any and every angle the RX00047 exudes the feeling of speed. It's a fantastically beautiful car - in a brutal and functional sort of way.

While the RX00047 concept stands about as much chance of going into production as the fabled glass hammer, Pavel has proposed a hydrogen fuel cell power source for the vehicle which would give it that increasingly important 'green' element to the engineering.


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