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Saab EV-1

Saab EV-1

Saab EV-1

Saab EV-1
Make Saab
Model EV-1
Concept year 1985
Production year -
Engine 2.0 litre inline 4 cylinder

The EV-1 was barely recognizable as a Saab
The Saab EV-1 concept which debuted at the 1985 Los Angeles Auto Expo was a concept car in the purest of forms. From the outset Saab had no intention to develop the EV-1 into a production model. Instead it was to be used as an engine development test bed and a styling exercise to allow Saab's designers to stretch their creative abilities.

The EV-1 was based on the Saab 900 Turbo 16v. The body was steel and the roof all glass. The front and rear bumpers were formed from Kevlar and were designed to absorb impacts and revert to their original shape after low speed collisions. The doors featured carbon-fibre side impact protection.

Mounted up front was a turbocharged, 2.0 litre, inline 4 cylinder engine which produced a very respectable 285 horsepower and allowed the EV-1 to reach a 168 mph top speed. The 0-60 mph sprint took just 5.9 seconds.

The exterior design of the EV-1 was hardly recognizable as a Saab, the only clues were the multi-frame grille and high shoulder line.

The four seat interior of the Saab EV-1 concept was glazed almost 360 degrees, including the roof. The glass was specially treated to reflect the heat and the roof section featured photovoltaic solar cells which provided electricity to power fans which kept the interior cool.

Interestingly the EV-1 concept featured as a background prop in the film Back to the Future Part II.

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