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Scion Fuse

Scion Fuse

Scion Fuse

Scion Fuse
Make Scion
Model Fuse
Concept year 2006
Production year -
Engine 2.4 litre 4 cylinder

Introduced at the 2006 New York Auto Show, the Scion Fuse concept displays bold styling and highly customisable features, as well as a multi-configuration interior layout intended to appeal to a younger audience.

Firstly the exterior. The wrap-around windscreen was influenced by the visors of racing helmets and leads directly into the broad slanted c-pillars. The high waistline and chunky features help to accentuate the aggressive overall stance of the Fuse. The headlights of the Scion Fuse can be programmed to illuminate in a variety of colors. Scion has introduced other innovative lighting features on the Fuse including LED's on the end of each spoke of the 20" rims which act as turn indicators, and fog and reverse lights surrounding the twin central exhaust outlets.

The interior of the Scion Fuse concept has a rather minimalist appearance which is designed to offer the driver an "intense driving environment" and an "intimate atmosphere" for the passengers.

The drive-by-wire steering system is influenced by race car steering wheels and video game controllers. An extensive media station display runs the length of the passenger side dash and has the ability to play movies, video games, or both via dual 10.5" monitors.

The multi-configuration interior of the Scion Fuse concept has 3 modes. Video mode where the front passenger seat folds flat and acts as a table or footrest and occupants just sit and enjoy the media devices. Driving mode, obvious really. And cargo mode. In cargo mode configuration the front passenger seat and rear seats fold flat, and the upward sliding rear hatch allows easy access for loading bulky items.

As a futher bonus, when parked up the rear tailgate can be folded out to provide an open air seating arrangement, and a portable drinks cooler taken from the rear center console further enhances this social aspect of the concept.

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