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Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris

Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris

Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris
Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris interior

Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris instrument cluster
Make Spyker
Model D12 Peking to Paris
Concept year 2006
Production year 2007
Engine 6.0 litre W12

Spyker Cars chose the 2006 Geneva Motor Show as the venue for the unveiling of their radical Super Sports Utility Vehicle (SSUV).

The current Spyker company has only only been in existence since 2000, however since then they have brought out four different supercar models including the Spyker C8 Spyder, C8 Laviolette and C8 Double 12, and the C12 LaTurbie.

The Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris is a four wheel drive, four seat luxury sports utility vehicle which makes the Porsche Cayenne look like a Land Rover Defender.

Powered by a Volkswagen derived W12 engine developing 500 horsepower, mated to a sequential 6 speed transmission, the Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris reaches 60 mph in just 5 seconds, going on to hit 185 mph.

The unusual Peking-to-Paris name is a tribute to one of the most demanding races of all time, the 1907 Peking-to-Paris race, a race in which a factory-backed, Spyker 18/22 HP (from the original company) took second place.

Like all Spyker Cars products, the D12 is built from the finest materials and its exterior styling is strikingly brutal. The bodywork is all aluminium and mounted to an aluminium spaceframe chassis helping achieve a relatively light 1850 kgs total weight.

Inside the four occupants are offered individual sports seats with clear separation provided by a high full length center console. The attention to detail evident on the metalwork of the interior is more like a piece of jewelry than a vehicle interior.

Spyker intended to start producing the D12 Peking-to-Paris SSUV in 2007. The target audience was aging super car owners who might want something a bit more 'sensible'. In the end the project was cancelled as the company entered financial difficulites.

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