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Suzuki Go concept designed by Bertone

Suzuki Go concept designed by Bertone

Make Suzuki
Model Go
Concept year 1972
Production year -
Engine 750 cc 3 cylinder

The Go could be fitted with a small outboard motor and turned into a boat!
The Suzuki Go, designed by the Italian styling house Bertone, was a quirky little vehicle designed to carry two people, skis, gear and boots, and even a snowmobile!

The Suzuki Go was conceived as some sort of all-action vehicle for those with sprawling country properties, and people who needed transport along the roads less traveled.

The Suzuki Go was powered by a 750cc, 3-cylinder motorcycle engine. It had five forward gears, and also five reverse gears.

The Suzuki Go's main party trick, aside from the rear door which could be raised or lowered from the driver's seat, was the fact it could be fitted with an outboard motor and turned into a small boat!

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