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Suzuki Ionis concept car

Suzuki Ionis concept car

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Suzuki Ionis concept car dashboard
Make Suzuki
Model Ionis
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine Hydrogen fuel cell

The Suzuki Ionis which was first put on display at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show was a highly futuristic city car concept which looked like it had escaped off the set of a science fiction film.

The styling of the front end has a peculiar theme which is not immediately apparent. It's kind of like one of those 3D posters where if you blur your eyes you see the picture. Well blur your eyes while looking at the Suzuki Ionis and you'll either see an unhappy fish or a slightly disgruntled alien.

The design of the Ionis is quite unique in the small car segment. It has a monobox layout and bold styling cues like the aforementioned face, and chunky silver windscreen and roof surround.

Access to the interior is via four sliding doors. The front doors move forward, while the rear doors slide backwards. Once inside it's immediately obvious that the interior design is just as daring and futuristic as the exterior.

The driver gets an aircraft-yoke style steering wheel, and a multi-panel TFT monitor instead of conventional dashboard instrumentation. The seats can be rearranged and moved in a variety of ways to configure the interior for either people or cargo hauling duties.

Powering the Suzuki Ionis was a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain which is located under the floor to increase the available space within the cabin.

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