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Suzuki S-Ride

Suzuki S-Ride

Make Suzuki
Model S-Ride
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine 0.6 litre 3 cylinder

The Suzuki S-Ride from the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show was a concept which aimed to blur the line between cars and motorbikes, by offering the comfort and space of a small car, and the fun high performance experience provided by a motorcycle.

However in an admirable attempt to do both, the S-Ride failed to do either all that well.

The S-Ride's 0.6 litre inline 3 cylinder and CVT auto gearbox could never offer the sort of performance bikes are capable of, and the impersonal tandem seating would have left the passenger feeling completely forgotten.

The Suzuki S-Ride did have some tricks up its sleeve though, 'Lovers Sync' being one of them. This Technology (pronounced gimmick) provided navigation to the location of someone you are talking to on the phone.

The S-Ride was not the first time Suzuki tried to blend cars with bikes, the Suzuki GSX-R4 being an earlier, and far superior concept.

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