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Toyota AXV-IV

Toyota AXV-IV

Make Toyota
Model AXV-IV
Concept year 1991
Production year -
Engine 800 cc two-cylinder

The Toyota AXV-IV was a vehicle which showcased advanced lightweight construction techniques and materials.

Thanks to extensive use of materials like aluminium, magnesium, carbon fibre and plastic the total weight of the AXV-IV was just 450 kgs (990 lbs). Even the suspension springs went on a diet, and instead of conventional steel springs the AXV-IV used fiberglass reinforced plastic springs.

Toyota introduced the AXV-IV at the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show, and even though that is nearly two decades ago, it's remarkable to see the styling similarities between the AXV-IV and the Toyota FT-86 concept which was revealed in 2009.

But even if the two cars share a few style lines and features - especially around the B-pillars, shape of the windscreen and side windows, and in the curving shut line of the doors - one area that the two vehicles differ completely is in the drivetrain. Powering the AXV-IV was an 804 cc (0.8 litre), two-stroke, two-cylinder engine which produced 64 horsepower.

The AXV-IV is on permanent display at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Nagakute-cho, Japan.

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