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Toyota NORI

Toyota NORI

Toyota NORI
Make Toyota
Model NORI
Concept year 2010
Production year -
Engine electric

The Toyota NORI concept was the vehicle Toyota came up with for the 2010 Design Challenge set by the LA Auto Show. The brief for the 2010 competition was to design a car which weighed in at under 1,000 lbs (454 kgs), could carry four people, and was safe and comfortable.

As always, the manufacturers are asked to come up with some renderings or computer models of their design, and also a little fictional story which explains how the concept came into being. Here's Toyota's explanation for the NORI concept:

As the majority of current generation automobiles consist of a chassis covered by attached body panels, the NORI concept presents the idea that the body and chassis are one, as a PODULAR form, designed to be strong, light and beautiful. Bioplastics technology is created using "nori" (the Japanese word for seaweed) combined with a carbon fiber weave for strength. Woven into the PODULAR form are solar cells that capture and generate supplemental solar energy. As a holistic solution and new design aesthetic, NORI reduces weight and the number of parts while capturing and generating energy.

At the onset of the DESIGN process for each PODULAR form is a collaboration between designers and engineers, utilizing a "real time" design envelope to ensure the perfect balance of strength, light weight and design aesthetics. This process eliminates traditional design and engineering conflicts of form vs. function, and allows the design/engineering process to come to fruition at the same time.

The PODULAR forms are grown at factories located nearby the sea. Seaweed grows prolifically, and using it as a bioplastics source is an effort to minimalize the impact on the food chain (corn/soy etc) that has previously been used for bioplastics. The solar cells are embedded as part of the growing/manufacturing process.

PSI's (partial shape insets) are utilized to shield or expose passengers to the elements and address vehicle regulations (such as covered wheels), while serving as a new form of personalization. The color/graphics of NORI can be changed through an electronically generated data charge sent into the surface. There are no doors: ingress/egress is achieved by stepping over and into the Toyota NORI's PODULAR form.

DRIVETRAIN: The Toyota NORI utilizes four electric wheel motors and a removable battery pack.

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