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Vauxhall Equus

Vauxhall Equus

Vauxhall Equus interior
Make Vauxhall
Model Equus
Concept year 1978
Production year -
Engine 2.3 litre OHC

The Vauxhall Equus concept (Equus is Latin for horse) was a sharp and angular concept which was revealed in 1978, at the height of the 'wedge design' phenomenon.

The Vauxhall Equus concept, developed under the guidance of renowned GM designer Wayne Cherry, was based on the Panther Lima chassis and powered by a front-mounted 2.3 litre OHC Vauxhall engine.

At the time of its introduction the Vauxhall Equus was touted as the sports car of the future. But as it never went into production there's no way of telling how successful it would have been. Chances are it's controversial design would have been too polarizing to make it a bulk seller. And by today's standards it looks incredibly dated.

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