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PALV (Personal Air Land Vehicle)

PALV (Personal Air Land Vehicle)

The PALV, standing for Personal Air Land Vehicle, is a conceptual solution to traffic congestion.

The PALV was conceived by Dutchman John Bakker, who working in conjunction with Spark design engineering and other partners, has designed the PALV to be simple to operate on both land and in the air.

Working on similar principles used in autogyros, the PALV has a single main rotor creating lift, and a smaller push-style rotor at the rear for thrust (which in turn creates lift). This means the PALV only requires a very short space for takeoff and landing.

Operating at heights below 4000 ft (1,500 m), flight plans are not required, allowing the driver/pilot to takeoff, travel, and land almost anywhere at anytime. Airborne guidance is provided by 'digital freeways' using GPS technology to provide directions and avoid collisions.

On the ground the rotors are folded neatly away, while power for the 3-wheeled PALV comes from the same car-derived petrol engine used in flight. By using a tilt mechanism the PALV can corner much like a motorcycle by rotating its body to lean in to the inside of corners.

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