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Bionic Dolphin submarine

Bionic Dolphin submarine

There are several companies in California producing 'Bionic Dolphins', the idea has been around since the 70's, first dreamt up by Tom Rowe.

This particular model comes from a company called Innespace, the dolphin itself is called sweet virgin angel.

The Bionic dolphin does not use negative buoyancy like other submersibles to dive, instead it uses the basic principles of aircraft wings, reversed, to 'fly' underwater.

This novel feature allows the Bionic Dolphin to perform a wide variety of aquatic acrobatics, and the craft can literally leap out of the water.

Using a 110 hp Yamaha Jetski engine the Bionic Dolphin is capable of 30 mph on the surface and 20 mph submerged. The single occupant sits in an unpressurised cockpit and can dive to a depth of roughly 10 feet (3 metres).

This particular Bionic Dolphin, painted in Dr Evils colours, was used in the hit movie 'Austin Powers Goldmember'.

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