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Blastolene Rocket II

Blastolene Rocket II

Blastolene Rocket II

The Blastolene Rocket II is an insane creation of the Blastolene Brothers, a custom vehicle manufacturer who specialize in fabricating vehicles which other companies either can't or won't. Other mental stuff they've made include the Tank Car and Rodzilla.

The Blastolene Rocket II was commissioned by Tim Cotterill, a Brit residing in Santa Cruz, California. Tim penned the initial sketches for this ultimate machine when he was 30, it wasn't until 25 years later - when he had a successful business - that he had the money to develop his nutter-mobile. Work began on the Blastolene Rocket II in 2006, three years later it was finished. It made its debut at the 2009 Grand National Roaster Show where it won the 'Best Engineered' title.

The Blastolene Rocket II has a crazy 1,000 horsepower supercharged HEMI engine to match its jawdropping aesthetics. Shoehorned into the 1,225 kg (2,700 lb) trike, this powerplant allows for an estimated 200 mph top speed. Although Tim has only been man enough to take it up to 160 mph. That's about 100 miles an hour faster than what looks even remotely safe!

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