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Caproni Ca 60

Caproni Ca 60

Caproni Ca 60

Caproni Ca 60

Caproni Ca 60 after crash

The Caproni Ca 60 Noviplano, dubbed the 'Capronissimo', was an absurd aircraft which featured three sets of triplane wings set above a giant fuselage which resembled some sort of luxury houseboat.

The Caproni Ca 60 was designed by Count Gianni Caproni of Italy. Caproni was a prolific aircraft designer, and the Ca 60 was probably the most unusual of all his creations.

The Caproni Ca 60 was powered by eight 400 horsepower Liberty V12 engines. Four of the engines were mounted on the leading set of wings, while the other four were located on the third row of wings and helped push the aircraft along.

Originally it was hoped that the Caproni Ca 60 would carry up to 100 passengers back and forth across the Atlantic. However during the aircraft's first flight on 4th March 1921 it crashed back into the water after only reaching a height of around 60 ft (18 meters).

Fortunately the pilot survived the impact and partial breakup of the aircraft. Perhaps even more fortunately for the pilot - and any future passengers - he never had to fly it again as it caught fire and was completely destroyed while it was being rebuilt.

Caproni Ca 60 dimensions:
Length: 77 ft (23.45 meters)
Wingspan: 98 ft (30 meters)
Height: 30 ft (9.15 meters)
Weight: 55,100 lbs (26,000 kgs)

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