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Dune Tracer

Dune Tracer

Dune Tracer

Dune Tracer

Created by the team here at, the Dune Tracer is a unique vehicle which was designed to be used for transport across inhospitable desert areas. Primarily conceived as a recreational vehicle, the Dune Tracer is a one-person vehicle with a unique dual-mode tracked wheel system.

At low speeds (below 20mph) the tracks can be operated in a manner similar to a tank - allowing the vehicle to rotate around it's own axis. At higher speeds the tracks act more similar to conventional car wheels with the front ones providing the steering function. The driver controls the tracks and steering via two individual joysticks. Throttle and braking is done with conventional foot pedals.

The engine is mounted behind the driver. It is kept cool even in the extreme desert temperatures thanks to the multiple air vents and intakes which allow air to circulate freely around the engine.

The Dune Tracer features an integrated air conditioning system which helps keep the driver cool - even though it is an open cockpit. The AC system pipes air up through the fabric weave of the seat and around the feet. An additional vent located at the top of the seat provides a cooling breeze over the drivers neck and head. An adjustable height removable roof panel provides welcome shade for the driver. Due to its sturdy construction it also acts as a roll bar in the event of a rollover accident.

The styling of the Dune Tracer has been influenced by a variety of sources. Including the desert beetles which manage to roam the extreme environment by raising their bodies above the scorching sands, and WWII fighter planes which displayed graphics and paintwork designed to disguise the aircraft and blend into their environments. The black paintwork surrounding the dash and trailing edge of the front body panels are designed to reduce the suns reflection and reduce glare in the driver's eyes.

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