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Ellpsis concept car

The Ellipsis was a concept 'car' which was unveiled at the 1992 Paris Motor Show.

Designed by Phillippe Charbonneaux - the same man who styled the Renault 16 - the Ellipsis was a revolutionary design which never made it past the prototype stage.

The unusual diamond-shaped wheel layout, with the front and rear wheel providing the steering function, allowed the Ellipsis to turn almost on its own axis and better navigate narrow, congested streets. Well supposedly, nobody tested it on public roads.

It was also claimed that the rounded front end would be safer in the event of a collision with a pedestrian, as they would be deflected by the aerodynamic shape. But again this was never tested. Apparently no show-goer could be persuaded to stand in front of the car while it was driven toward them at speed.

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