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FVT ale

The FVT (Future Vehicle Technologies) alé is a prototype vehicle which was developed as part of the company's Automotive X-Prize project. FVT is a research and development company who specialize in new technology's which can help reduce the emissions of everyday vehicles.

When FVT set out to develop a new type of automobile which could compete in the X-Prize competition they had several criteria which they wanted to stick to. The car had to offer decent performance, a high degree of safety, low weight, low emissions, and be easy to build.

The FVT alé's unusual layout and aerodynamic shape was dictated by the requirement for the best fuel economy possible. The ale achieved 92 MPG by using just regular gasoline.

The alé is actually just a precursor to the company's latest and greatest vehicle, the eVaro - which is currently under development.

The eVaro should offer even better fuel economy and performance than the alé thanks to a series hybrid drivetrain. Estimated top speed of the eVaro is 130 mph, while the 0-60 mph run should come in at under 5 seconds. It does all this while also returning between 122 MPGE and 325 MPGE (miles per gallon equivalent)!

FVT have kept the details of the eVaro's drivetrain to themselves. However they have revealed that the batteries are recharged using an onboard gas generator developed by the company. It takes around three hours to recharge the batteries at home using a standard wall socket, or 1 hour using the onboard generator.

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