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Helicron No.1

Helicron No.1

The Helicron was an absolutely insane contraption which was revealed in 1932 - at a time when health and safety laws were a little lot more relaxed.

Essentially the Helicron No.1 was a car which used a propellor for propulsion. Imagine if this idea had caught on! Every collision, even a 1/2 mile and hour parking bump would result in giant pieces of propellor flying of at high velocity. And woe betide any unfortunate pedestrians which get in the way.

Due to the massive propellor which was located right between the front wheels, the steering was via the rear wheels which gave the car unpredictable handling - if it wasn't already enough of a death trap! Top speed was around 75 mph.

Only one Helicron was ever produced, hence the No.1 designation. In 2000 it was discovered in a barn in France, it's country of origin. The Helicron was then transported to Nashville, Tennessee where it was fully restored by the experts at Lane Motor Museum.

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