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BMW Isetta

Velam Isetta

Milan based refrigerator manufacturer Rennzo Rivolta of Isotherm created the Isetta microcar in 1953.
In 1955 he sold the licence to manufacture the Isetta in Germany to BMW leading to the BMW Isetta.
That same year Rivolta sold the right to produce the Isetta in France to Velam.
The Velam Isetta used a 236 cc two stroke engine, a convertible version of the Velam Isetta was sold from 1957 and a luxury version was introduced in 1958 named the Velam Ecrin.

Interestingly although the BMW Isetta sold far better than the Velam Isetta many consider Velam's design to be superior.

Pictures - top BMW Isetta
               - bottom Velam Isetta

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