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Lexus Concept car from 'Minority Report' film

Lexus Concept car from 'Minority Report' film

This design from Lexus was showcased in the futuristic movie 'Minority Report'. It is a high performance two-seater sports car projection for the year 2054.

The Lexus 2054 concept has a strong muscular design theme, with extreme cab-forward seating, and wheels spaced out to each corner, and proportions so unusual that at first glance it's hard to tell the front from the rear. This is Lexus' vision of sports cars of the future.

Cool features of the Minority Report Lexus include a 'heads up' display with night vision an organic recognition, dent-resistant carbon composite body panels, laser guided cruise control, body conforming bucket seats with automatic heating and cooling, voice and gesture controled computer system, rear view video camera, retractable solar body panels for recharging and interior climate control during parking, DNA recognition entry and ignition system, and an 'auto valet' system which drops the owner off then parks the and recharges its batteries using the solar panels.

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