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The Monsterbike is a humorous one-off contraption which is like a steam-punk version of a classic penny-farthing bicycle.

Built somewhere in the Netherlands, the Monsterbike isn't exactly the most practical, or fastest mode of transport. In fact walking is faster, and certainly less tiring. But usually when you're walking down the street people don't break into spontaneous clapping, cheering and laughter. And that's where the Monsterbike comes into its own. It's a fantastic personal promotion tool!

Built using what looks like a tractor tire and a custom-made frame, the gearing of the Monsterbike is set so that the rider can actually turn the immense front wheel by making the gearing incredibly low. Steering is done by the weird little quadruple wheels at the rear - which also help provide additional stability. The braking is also done through the rear wheels - although I wouldn't like to try this thing out going downhill. Or uphill for that matter.

To make sure pedestrians and other cyclists know you're on your way, and they better get out of it, the Monsterbike is equipped with a large bulb horn. Which just adds to the comic absurdity of the vehicle.

Overall the Monsterbike gets 10 out of 10 for originality and fun. And nothing for practicality.

Source: Gizmag

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