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Panhard Dynavia

Panhard Dynavia

The Panhard Dynavia was a prototype car which was debuted at the 1948 Paris Motor Show.

Based on the Panhard Dyna, the aerodynamic bodywork of the Dynavia was conceived by the Frenchman Louis Bionier. Bionier had been working for Panhard during World War II, and at the same time he'd been studying the aerodynamic properties of birds, and the slippery shape of fish. He believed that by following nature's example he could create a car which was faster and more efficient.

Once the war was over and the world began to return to normal, construction of the car could begin. The Dynavia featured a 610cc (0.6 litre) two-cylinder engine - the same unit used in the Dyna. However the Dynavia was around 20 percent faster and also more fuel efficient than the donor car. In fact it could return an impressive 57 MPG.

In the end the Dynavia never made it past the prototype stage. However some of the ideas developed during the project did make it into subsequent Panhard models.

Although two Panhard Dynavia's were constructed in total, only one remains intact. This example currently resides in the Musee National de l'Automobile in Mulhouse, France.

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