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PowerSki Jetboard

PowerSki Jetboard

The PowerSki Jetboard is one of the most radical water toys ever invented. The PowerSki JetBoard is an engineering marvel - the inventors have taken the basic shape of a surfboard and built in an incredibly small and flat 45hp motor capable of propelling the Jetboard up to 40 mph.

With the rear thrust rail and the three stabilising fins beneath, the JetBoard carves better than anything else on water. The Jetboard can generate cornering G-forces of up to 6G enabling the rider to get almost horizontal to the water. The JetBoard never cavitates or slides out, allowing a standing rider to perform continuous, stable, high speed turns with only slight shifts in weight.

Balance is maintained by gripping the JetBoard's handle connected to the nose of the board via a four-foot long semi-flexible arm. The handle incorporates the start/stop buttons, thumb throttle, and safety kill switch and the shape is ergonomically designed with finger grooves to prevent hand and wrist fatigue.

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