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Anyone who saw the 2008 Batman movie 'The Dark Knight' couldn't have failed to notice the crazy motorcycle thingy called the Batpod.

The Batpod was designed to fit inside Batman's other ride, the Tumbler, and be used as an escape vehicle - or additional means of transport if the Tumbler was damaged beyond repair. The Batpod was an insane creation, and it featured a number of unusual ideas. Firstly the rider lies belly down on the bike. Secondly it was steered by an unusual system which eschewed normal handlebars for weird independent handles mounted almost vertically. And thirdly it bristled with machine guns, grappling hooks and cannons.

One man who saw the movie, Pankaj Shah, liked the Batpod so much he commissioned the custom bike gurus at Chopper City USA to build him one he could ride around town. And so the PS-Pod was born.

Of course there were a few features of the Batpod which had to be tamed down for a vehicle which could be ridden on the street. Obviously none of the weaponry is functional, and the seating position was also altered. Instead of lying face down like on the Batpod, the PS-Pod's rider sits in a manner more similar to a chopper bike rider - far more practical and you won't look like an idiot when stopped at the traffic lights.

The PS-Pod was constructed using all metal bodywork, no fiberglass was used at all. Mounted within the custom made frame is the drivetrain from an Aprilia Mana 850. The bikes builder, Dave Welch, bought the Aprillia brand-new, and then proceeded to strip it down for its parts.

The massive 18"x13" wheels of the PS-Pod were custom made for the bike. The rims were specially machined, and each has five Batman logos cut into their center.

Thanks to Chris for the tip.

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