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RTV (Rapid Tracked Vehicle) Double R Racer
RTV (Rapid Tracked Vehicle) Double R Racer
RTV (Rapid Tracked Vehicle) Double R Racer

RTV (Rapid Tracked Vehicle) Double R Response

RTV (Rapid Tracked Vehicle) Double R Weapon

RTV (Rapid Tracked Vehicle) Double R Response

The RTV concept comes courtesy of Roberto Rodricks, a 2010 graduate of Coventry University's Transportation Design course.

The RTV (Rapid Tracked Vehicle) concept is actually a series of three different concepts, all based on the same design, but each individually tailored to better suit its application. There's the RTV Double R Racer - a proposal for an all terrain race vehicle with maximum speed the only goal. The RTV Double R Response - a high-performance search and rescue machine, capable of carrying out rescues in everything from snow covered mountains to sun baked deserts. And finally there's the RTV Double R Weapon - which is basically a military version equipped with stuff like gattling guns and rocket launchers.

All three versions share the same unique layout and design. Mounted within the main body of the vehicle is a 650 horsepower, Audi-sourced, bio-diesel fueled, 5.5 litre V12 engine, and Rodricks estimates that this will catapult the RTV to 60 mph in around 4.5 seconds - one things for sure, with those massive twin tracks it won't struggle to find traction!

The RTV Double R would be made up of a variety of materials including carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminium and titanium. Styling inspiration for the concept came from a variety of differing sources including the Ripsaw tracked vehicle, the Sydney Opera house, the Mazda Kaan concept and the Mitsubishi MMR525 concept.

Inside, the RTV features seating for one. The driver sits in a central position with an unhindered view out the front - the view out the back is a little more tricky! By using an advanced heads-up-display all the vital driving information is projected onto the expansive curving windscreen. This allows the driver to see their speed, fuel consumption, heading and other relevant information quickly and easily.


All imagesused with the permission of Roberto Rodricks. All images and video © Roberto Rodricks.

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