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Segway Centaur

Segway Centaur

The Segway Centaur concept really is in a league, and world, of its own. This unique four-wheel gadget uses is controlled by simple inputs made by the rider.

The Segway Centaur's forward and backward movement is easily controlled by pushing a thumb throttle located on the underside of the right-hand handlebar.

Using the same gyroscopic balancing technology used in the Segway HT, popping a wheelie is a safe and controlled activity, you can even go in reverse while on two wheels!
In addition, the rider can position their body in three different ways, which makes for a fun ride.

The Segway Centaurs full suspension and aggressive rider position provide an exhilarating ride for one or two people while maintaining control over a variety of terrain.

Zero emissions, and quiet operation make it a good low-impact way to explore the world in an environmentally friendly way. Its power and versatility make it suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational and commercial applications.

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