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Sikorsky X2 Worlds Fastest Helicopter
As of July 26th, 2010, the Sikorsky X2 is the Worlds Fastest Helicopter.
Sikorsky X2 Worlds Fastest Helicopter

Sikorsky X2 Worlds Fastest Helicopter

Sikorsky X2 Worlds Fastest Helicopter

31st July 2010. Amazingly the title for the Worlds Fastest Helicopter has stood since the mid-1980s. The previous record of 249 mph was held by a British Army Westland Lynx helicopter.

As it stands at the moment, the Sikorsky X2's maximum recorded speed is 258 mph, but it's an unofficial top speed. To claim the official Guinness title they'll need to repeat the high-speed run with Guinness officials and their timing gear present.

"The X2 Technology demonstrator’s latest flight is continuing to push the speed envelope, successfully flying approximately 50 knots faster than a traditional helicopter," said Jim Kagdis, Program Manager, Advanced Programs. "Vibration levels and aircraft performance have continued to meet or exceed our expectations, so we are pleased to report that all systems are ‘go’ in our mission to achieve a 250-knot cruise speed later this year."

The X2 is a pretty radical design. Most noticeable are it's two main contra-rotating propellors, and the smaller pusher propellor at the rear. The narrow body and sleek profile are also unusual for a helicopter - in fact it looks a little bit like an airplane with its wings chopped off, and a couple of helicopter blades bolted on top.

Sikorsky have been working on the X2 since 2005, and at the moment it's still in the prototype and development stage - although if things keep going the way they are with the project it's almost sure to be an absolute gem. Sikorsky aren't content with the X2's current top speed either, in fact they're aiming for a 250knot (287 mph / 463 km/h) top speed by the time the X2 is market ready.

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