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Snow Glider

Snow Glider

Snow Glider

Snow Glider

The Snow Glider is an unusual contraption which was designed and built in the Czech Republic by Václav Zahrádka.

The despite the beasty propellor at the back, the aircraft cockpit-like cabin, and the 'glider' part of the name, the vehicle is soley designed for travel on land.

It was created for traversing large open expanses of snow and ice, and by using a propellor and skis instead of wheels, the Snow Glider avoids some of the traction problems which plague cars and trucks on these kinds of slippery surfaces.

Mr Zahrádka got his inspiration for the vehicle from the specially constructed sleds used by Russian soldiers during WWII. However the Snow Glider is much faster and far more agile than these were.

Three prototypes of the Snow Glider have been built so far. The latest and most advanced of the trio is a two-man version which is powered by a 40 horsepower snowmobile engine. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials like fiberglass and aluminium, the Snow Glider can hit a top speed of 75 mph and climb hills as steep as 30 degrees.

Steering is done via a bar operated by the feet, this turns the single front ski to provide directional control. The throttle and braking are operated by separate hand levers. The brakes themselves are a rather simple affair. Behind each of the rear skis is a small plate which digs in to the snow or ice to slow the vehicle down. Reversing the Snow Glider is also 'old school'. You get out and push.

While the Snow Glider will not be useful for the vast majority of people on this planet. For those living in the arctic wilderness this would be absolutley ideal.

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