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Trek Aerospace Baja Skimmer

Trek Aerospace Baja Skimmer

Trek Aerospace Baja Skimmer

The Baja Skimmer from US company Trek Aerospace is a category "X" watercraft. The category X is necessary because, as yet, there is no official classification to fit the vehicle.

Best described as a cross between a Jetski and an air boat, the Baja Skimmer comprises of a tandem seat and small jetski-like hull mated to a large air propellor attached to the rear of the vehicle.

The Trek Aerospace Baja Skimmer features a specially designed hull which incorporates the benefits of a stable "V" hull and the drag reducing features of a tunnel hull. This combination gives the watercraft superior stability and handling qualities. Side boards and stub wings deflect water spray, keeping the occupants dry throughout their ride. The unique design of the Baja Skimmer allows it to operate in extremely shallow water - as little as 18cm (7 inches).

One of the benefits of the Trek Aerospace Baja Skimmer is the reduced environmental impact when compared to its alternatives. The hull shape prevents its use over mudflats and grassmats; sparing developing vegetation and nesting wildlife. The fan pushes air not water so no sediments are stirred up by the vehicle's movement. The Whisper Fan system is quieter than all airboats and most jet skis and outboard motors. And the muffled, 4-stroke engine puts no exhaust gases or oils into the water.

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