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International CXT Pickup

Year (of specifications) 2004 - 2008
Engine 7.3 litre diesel
Transmission -
Max speed -
0-60 -
Horsepower 220 bhp
weight 6000 kgs / 13,227 lbs

The International CXT pickup was a heavy duty truck. It was in fact designed to be the largest pickup ever made.

It was obscenely heavy, and was capable of towing up to 20 tons. It had a four wheel drive system and a powerful DT 466 diesel engine allowing it to do a little bit of off-roading.

It wasn't cheap. Prices for the International CXT pickup started at $93,000 and went up to $115,000 depending on how many options boxes were ticked.

On the inside it both looked and felt more like a large commercial truck than something which could be driven on a car license.

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