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Saleen Sport Truck S331

Year (of specifications) 2006
Engine 5.4 litre V8 supercharged
Transmission -
Max speed -
Horsepower 450 bhp @ 5200 rpm
weight -

The Saleen SportTruck S331 was a Ford F-150 based sports truck built by the aftermarket tuner Saleen.

It has been lowered by almost two inches, fitted with 23-inch wheels and tires, and the suspension system has been recalibrated to account for the reduced ride height.

At the same time it has new, sportier bodywork and a lighter aluminium hood.

The Saleen SportTruck S331 was sold in two variants. The S331 three-valve, and the S331 Supercharged. The more potent of the two was, quite obviously, the S331 Supercharged.

This model featured Ford's original 5.4 litre V8 engine, but had a twin-screw Supercharger bolted on top. Output of this engine is 450 horsepower.

Other hightlights of the Saleen SportTruck S331 include massive 15-inch front disc brakes and six-piston calipers, a hidden tow hitch integrated into the rear bumper, and load-leveling air suspension.

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