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BMW F650GS Dakar

Year of specifications 2000 - 2007
Engine 652 cc, 1 cylinder
Transmission 5-speed, chain
Top speed 107 mph
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 50 hp @ 6500 rpm
Weight 193 kg
Seat height 785 mm

Review by:: Geraint Lewis

I have just bought the 2006 BMW Dakar 650cc and I am so pleased with my choice. It was difficult to put money on a bike that I couldn't try (I had just passed my motorbike test at the age of 38) and the garage said that I would have to have been riding for a year for their insurance. I picked it up three weeks ago and bonded with the bike immediately. It is a mix of real upright, in your face motorcycling, with big nobbly tyres and great bodywork graphics. It is so light around town, and great on the motorway with just myself or the wife on the back.

If I can give any advice, it would be to buy the top box. At 31 litres it is so big. I put 4 bags of shopping in it and there was still room for my laptop and papers from work.

It is a cliché but you will not be disappointed. I had ridden and owned a few bikes before, when I did a year away before University (Suzuki DR 500), and when I was teaching in Greece, (Honda NX 250)..... Yes I was riding illegally in both countries but was used to the big Traillie bikes. I had aspired to own the Honda Africa Twin one day, but when I walked into the showroom and saw the 650 Dakar waiting to be picked up by another customer... I just had to have one and ordered it there on the spot.

I have fitted the topbox and Touratech side lights and am saving to get the panniers for the side.

BMW do make incredible bikes.... After I have finished paying off this one, the next stop is the BMW GS 1200! I can't wait..... Go on buy one!

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