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Bimota BB1 Biposta

Year of specifications 1996 - 1997
Engine 652 cc, 4 stroke single cylinder
Transmission 5-speed, chain
Top speed -
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 48 hp @ 6500 rpm
Weight 145 kg (218 lb)
Seat height -

The Bimota BB1 Biposto was a limited edition sports bik powered by a 652 cc 4-stroke single cylinder engine producing 48 horsepower. Only 148 were ever made.

The engine offers a decent amount of torque, but it's not a powerful bike, and it has an unusually low rev limit (8,000 rpm) for a sports bike. Despite its exclusivity and quality chassis, the Bimota BB1 Biposto will not provide enough excitement for speed freaks.

The chassis on the other hand provides more than enough entertainment for those looking for a bike with impeccable handling. Light, agile and flickable with good brakes.

It's rare and exclusive, but on the downside the Bimota BB1 Biposto is a tad expensive for what you get. And servicing can be a pain.

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