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Ducati Multistrada S DS

Year of specifications 2004 -
Engine 992 cc, V-twin
Transmission 6-speed, chain
Top speed 130 mph
0-60 MPH 4 seconds
Horsepower 84 hp @ 8000 rpm
Weight 200 kg (441 lbs)
Seat height 820 mm (32 inches)

The Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS is a versatile machine with unique styling. The name "Multistrada" means "many roads" in Italian, giving a hint at what the designers had in mind when creating the bike.

The Multistrada 1000DS is powered by an air-cooled 992 cc V-twin engine which provides an adequate 84 horsepower @ 8,000 rpm.

A key feature of the Multistrada 1000DS is its suspension system derived from Ducati's Superbike models. The sportier Multistrada 1000S model benefits from 43 mm Ohlins forks, fully adjustable and with low friction TiN-treated fork legs. At the rear is a fully adjustable Ohlins rear damper with a remote pre-load adjuster for quick adjustment.

The Multistrada 1000S also features other upgrades such as carbon fiber timing belt covers and front mudguard.

Overall the Multistrada 1000DS and 1000S offer a very unique package. If you can get over the unusual styling, and expensive servicing, then you'll have a bike which can tour well and pull in plenty of inquisitive glances.

Review by: Mark Wance
The Multistrada 1000DS is a tall bike geared toward a taller rider at 32 inches of seat height. I am a tall man of 6' 8" and weigh in at 300 lbs. The Multistrada has excellent acceleration. An acceleration test done from a dead stop, the course was an up hill run of 1 1/2 city blocks. At the apex of the hill, I was pushing 75 MPH, half throttle and two gears left! Most motorcycles dog with me on them.

One down side to the 1000DS is the kick stand. It seems very wimpy. I strongly suggest springing for the centerstand. Be aware it is pricey.

Overall this is a great value for the price. The ride and handling out perform my old Kawasaki. Ducati was offering 2 years with service included. Cool.

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