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EBR (Eric Buell Racing) 1190RS

EBR (Erik Buell Racing) 1190RS

EBR (Erik Buell Racing) 1190RS

EBR (Erik Buell Racing) 1190RS

Photos: Steve Anderson / Erik Buell Racing

Year of specifications 2011
Engine 1190cc v-twin
Transmission 6 speed chain
Top speed -
0-50 -
Horsepower 175 hp (estimated)
Weight 173 kg / 380 lbs
Seat height -

Ever since the unfortunate demise of Buell - when the penny-pinching, floundering idiots at Harley-Davidson decided to do away with their only innovative division - the American-made sportsbike scene has been rather empty - aside from the Fischer MRX 650, which has a Korean engine.

Now Erik Buell is back with a brand new roadbike based on the 1190RR track machine from Eric Buell Racing.

The EBR 1190RS features an array of top-shelf materials and components, there's also carbon-fiber bodywork, magnesium wheels, and a light alloy chassis with integral fuel cell.

Powering the EBR 1190RS is a 1,190cc v-twin engine which is a modified version of the Rotax engines found in the older 1125 models. The racing version of the 1190RS makes 185 horsepower at the rear wheel, so the 1190RS should produce a little less than that number - details haven't yet been released. The engine itself uses the same camshafts as the 1125RR race bike, and it also features titanium valves. Overall the engine is essentially a de-tuned racing engine - but it can be quickly and easily upgraded if you want to take it on the track.

Power is transmitted through a 6-speed transmission and chain final-drive.

Adjustable Ohlins suspension is fitted front and rear, and an AiM Sports digital instrument gauge provides the rider with all the necessary information and also a data-logging function.

The exclusivity of the 1190RS, and all the high-tech components and materials doesn't come cheap however. Around $40,000 is the expected asking price.

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