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Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider

Year of specifications 2005
Engine 1449 cc, V-twin
Transmission 5-speed, belt
Top speed 108 mph
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 50 hp @ 5500 rpm
Weight 279 kg (615 lb)
Seat height 673 mm (26.5 in.)

Review by: Giles Hamilton
I've just sold my 2004 Harley Davidson Dyna Glide Sport. Typically of Harleys it is woefully short of power and vibrates like a 1950s dryer. But untypically of Harleys it handles very well indeed. It also has adjustable front forks - something not present on any other Harley I've owned since 1982. It also is stable in cross winds. The lamentable 50 hp of the standard bike needs to be increased with some easily available enhancement kits.

It is a very nice looking bike; relatively stripped down with a black engine and only a small amount of the garish, high maintenance chrome present on most other models.

Two interesting points. 1. Although they sold poorly, second hand they are in demand. Warr's sold mine in 10 minutes of showing it and have a list of buyers. A testament to its useability and 2. I've replaced it with the much more powerful Night Rod whose handling is woeful and whose dimensions make it lethal in a cross wind. I miss the Dyna.

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