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Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-Rod Muscle

Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-Rod Muscle side view

Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-Rod Muscle rear view

Year of specifications 2009
Engine 1250 cc, V-twin
Transmission 5-speed
Top speed -
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 125 hp @ 8250 rpm
Weight -
Seat height 25.6 inches / 650 mm

The Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-Rod Muscle is a power cruiser with an extroverted personality.

VRSCF V-Rod Muscle is powered by a 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine. The 60-degree V-Twin is liquid-cooled and features Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), dual overhead cams, four-valve heads, and a five-speed transmission. The engine is rubber-mounted in a hydroformed steel perimeter frame. A shell covers the large-volume airbox located over the engine. A five-gallon fuel tank is located below the seat. The engine is tuned to produce up to 125 hp at 8250 rpm and up to 85 ft-lbs. of torque at 7000 rpm.

The Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-Rod Muscle is available with optional, factory-installed Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). The ABS is designed to work in conjunction with high-performance Brembo triple-disc brakes.

The size of the massive 240 mm rear tire is accentuated by the new broad, clipped and clean rear fender. The combination stop/tail/turn LED light is tucked under the edge of the rear fender, and the side-mount license plate leaves the fender surface smooth and uncluttered. Front-end styling balances the rear, with a trimmed fender that's blacked out behind satin-finished inverted forks and LED turn signals integrated into the mirror stems. The radiator shrouds are restyled and color-matched to the rest of the bodywork, while the new airbox side covers incorporate air scoop inlets covered with woven wire mesh.

The long profile of a 34-degree fork rake is stretched visually by new "sidepipe" dual exhausts in satin chrome with fat, turn-out mufflers exiting behind the rear axle. The V-Rod Muscle is available in Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver, Dark Blue Denim and Red Hot Sunglo.


Review by: anonymous:
Just purchased the 2011 VRSC-Fin white june 201. The bike is quick & very agile for a 600 pound plus machine. I have been riding for almost 40 years and found this bike to be outstanding. I have read the comments on other sites moaning about how ugly this VRSC is. Well look again the 2011 has the traditional clean look and smooth lines that can stir the spirit of even the most jaded road couch operator. I put almost 1000 km in the first 2 weeks and with the exception of fuel consumtion cannot find a single fault with this bike, but then i did not buy it for fuel mileage.

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