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Honda Dylan 125

Year of specifications 2006
Engine 125 cc single cyl 4 stroke
Horsepower 14 hp @ 9000 rpm
Gearbox / Transmission auto / belt
Max speed -
Seat height 795 mm
Weight 120 kgs

Review by: by S. Hargreaves
I own a 2003 Honda Dylan and I have found it to be the best scooter I have had so far. I have had many Italian scooters but this is the most refined and smooth, and it has great fuel economy. My only gripes are top speed and and long distance comfort. My Honda Dylan has covered 12,000 miles no problems and runs like new. When it gets to 20,000 miles I will part-ex it for a new one.


Review by:Jamie Bell
I have bought a Honda Dylan 125 a few weeks back. 2005 mod with 13,000kms good service history runs a dream not surprising being a Honda 4-stroke and their great reliability. Didn't like the look of the frunt end as bought quick to start a new job didnt expect much power etc but for a scooter it shifts fairly well. Does 65mph and sits their all day with no problems. Good handleing, good strong brakes, starts at the touch of the button, hasn't missed a beat. The bike actually flashes oil change at certain miles or kms. Easy to maintain, smooth riding, nippy responsive bike giving all its power when needed. Look after the engine with oil changes air filters and its bullet proof. Downside, it can easily have a greater top speed easy 75-85mph. Could have a kick start would be handy and the look of the front end could be a bit more sporty instead of laid back. My opinion. But overall worth every penny, great mpg, cheap insurance good power, well recommended.

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